Rendition of new library

Rendition of new library
The New Point Roberts Library Out of the Old Julius Firehall

Friday, July 6, 2012

Up to $16K

The Saturday Market individual donor contributions last weekend have joined up with the Bookmarks Fund contributions to produce another $1,000 dollars for the New Library Building Fund.  So the Showers of Gold quilt will receive two additional squares because of the Matching Gift fund.  That means we now have $16,000.  But that Matching Fund still has $19,000 dollars to be matched.  Join us and double your contributions during July and August.  Perhaps these months will be as spectacular as the fine fireworks celebration and ambitious parade that we had on the 4th.

About the bookmarks:  They are about 2"x7.5", stiff but not hard, and are one-of-a-kind.  More to the point, they are handmade, fabric, quilted bookmarks.  If you are not engaged in e-reading--where they are useless, except for their visual and tactile beautifulness--these bookmarks make books more interesting just because they are pretty beautiful.  Now, we may take this with a small grain of salt because I am the one who makes them, but still...  They're pretty beautiful.  And they feel good in your hand.

I started a few months ago with about 50 of them that a friend and library supporter took up to the B.C. Library Association Conference where, to my delight and encouragement, she sold 20 of them.  I was encouraged because, although the conference was filled with library people, they had no particular reason to support the Point Roberts Library.  So, I concluded, they liked the bookmark.

Since then, we have had the bookmarks at the P.R. Library, at The Blue Heron (thank you, Kitty!), and at the Saturday Market.  For a $10 library donation, you get a very fine bookmark.  They make super, small gifts for someone you need to give a small gift to; at least if they read regular books.  (And we hope they all do.) And it's a way to support the library on a small scale, if a larger scale is not available to you at this moment.

Four hundred dollars worth of bookmarks have now gone out into the world.  They have been replaced by others, different all of them: find the one you especially like next time you're in the library or at The Blue Heron.  And, the matching fund makes your $10 bookmark donation worth $20 to the Building Fund, regardless of where you buy it.

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