Rendition of new library

Rendition of new library
The New Point Roberts Library Out of the Old Julius Firehall

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks to the Artists

I wanted to take a moment to thank the artists who donated their work to last week's Tiny Art Auction at Auntie Pam's country Store, an event that raised around $700 for the new library.  If it had not been for the creators' generosity, there wouldn't have been anything for the buyers to buy or for a party to be had.  So, without more ado, their names:

George Biga
Ed Buendia
D. Lind
Sigge Stromberg
Lisa Swayne
Kitty Doyle
Audrey Hoebres
Jody Gergsma
Vyna Werner
Pam Sheppard
Jack Proctor
Tiffany Ronge
Winston Inslee
Candy Downs
Karen Pollack
Val Mayer
Sonja Picard
Nancy Poirer
Savilla Kress
Rose Momsen
Tracy Wallace
Joy Otto
John Lyons
Alexander Tersakian
Paul Griffin
Terri Zukovic
Kristen Griffen
Colleen Stromberg

I was taking these names down in a hurry before the photos went away, and I hope that I have managed it with some degree of accuracy with respect to spelling.
--Judy Ross, for The Friends of the Point Roberts Library

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November, Then December

This month has seemed to rush by even faster than the months before it.  We wound up with 9 of the 10 matches made for the $5,000 Oct.-Nov. matching gift, meaning that it added $9,000 to our new library fund.  And great thanks to all those who brought their $500 matches forward, and to the five who offered a thousand each for the match.  You can all look at the "Showers of Gold" quilt at the Community Center and claim a square or half a square anyway as your own!

The International Market grocery receipts collection continues through November (and especially don't forget to put your receipt or a duplicate from the checker into the box when you are engaged in your Thanksgiving Dinner shopping).  The volunteers who are adding up all those receipt numbers--blessed be their names-- are planning to get us final numbers as fast as they can after month's end.  And more squares will need to be added to that quilt.

This Saturday night, there will be a party and silent auction of "Tiny Art" (7-9 pm) at Auntie Pam's Country Store (on Gulf) at which we can all celebrate the over $75,000 that has been raised so far for the new library, with more to come before year's end.  Pam Sheppard has engaged 35 or more local folks to produce small treasures (4x6, 5x7) for a silent auction whose proceeds will go to the new library.  They're small, but we need you all--a large crowd--there to celebrate!

Finally, or at least for this post, the Friends of the P.R. Library will have a table of  hand-made beauties of many sorts (photography, painting, glass sculpture, jewelry, quilts and quilted objects, hand-printed fabrics, knit accessories, etc.).  All the proceeds have been offered for the library and there is a $5,000 matching fund associated with it.  So you can buy and donate to the library and have your donation matched all in one swift move!

We are still looking for artists who are willing to donate a piece of their work to our table for this December 1-2 event.  A table is of limited size, however, so the work needs to be relatively small in order for us to properly display it.  If you or someone you know would be interested in making such a donation, please contact me at

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanks to all of you, we've won an award!

November 3rd, Point Roberts Branch Manager, Kris Lamedico, Library Support Committee Chair, Barb Wayland and I attended the All Friends Library Gathering in Ferndale. This is an annual event including all the Friends Groups of the Whatcom County Library System. Included in the day is the ever popular potluck lunch, a key-note speaker - this year the topic was library advocacy, a report from each Friends group (my personal favorite part), and awards. This year the Point Roberts Friends of the Library won the annual award!! We were chosen because of all the work and money that this community has put forth to build a new library! The powers that be deemed our group to be inspirational! As president of the group, I must say thank you to those presenting the award to us, but mostly I must say thanks to all in the community; individuals, groups, businesses who have been so supportive in the Friends efforts to raise the half million dollars that this library needs to achieve a new space for our library of today and of the future. A big thanks to all of you.

News :: All Point Bulletin - Newspaper for Point Roberts, Washington and Delta, British Columbia

News :: All Point Bulletin - Newspaper for Point Roberts, Washington and Delta, British Columbia