Rendition of new library

Rendition of new library
The New Point Roberts Library Out of the Old Julius Firehall

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mid-Season Catch-Up

I guess the season is the holiday one of Thanksgivings (Canadian and U.S.) and then the standard Christmas with all the other winter holidays clustered around it.  All those holidays of equal importance, of course, to those to whom they are important.

And then, the Library Fundraising business.  As you may know from Ed Park's letter to the editor in the November All Point Bulletin, we have--due to his decision to give his unexpected class action suit gains to the library fundraising--an $11,600 matching fund that runs to the end of the year, or until it runs out.  (If we don't match it, we have to give the unmatched remainder to Ed and he will have to go on a cruise or something.  Full disclosure: Ed is my husband, but his class action suit check is all his, or at least it's his until it is all the new library fund's.)

In these first three weeks of November, our fund has benefitted from $6,000 in gifts that will be matched.  Leaving us with another $5,600 yet to match.  So if you were thinking of making a holiday/year end contribution to the new library fund, this would be an excellent time.  You won't be surprised to hear that I think any time is an excellent time, but in this particular time, the matching fund makes it even more excellent.

The Christmas Craft Faire will have a table that Heidi Baxter and I will moderate with many objects whose sale proceeds will all be donated to the library.  Those sales will also be eligible for the matching fund.  The Craft Faire is December 6-7, this year, at the Community Center, of course.

Other news of the new library is that the Community Design Committee met with architect David King to work out some issues in library design.  Next, King will meet with Christine Perkins and Library Staff People to discuss their needs.  Judith Wolfman, who chairs that committee is happy to hear from anyone who has suggestions about library design ( and about what you'd like to see in your new library.  In the meantime, there are concrete (literally, in some cases) aspects of the renovation in process (completing a site survey, getting the current septic system assessed and documented, and getting a foundation profile determined).   It's pretty exciting to think that we are on the way to drawing up final plans.

Finally, there are the foundation proposals.  We have three of them out at present, and we could hear back at any time in the next three months from them.  They are for a total of $97,000.  So we will need to be sending out some more proposals when a few other foundations' submission dates arise.

And our totals now: $377,000.  Our goal: $538,000.  The Difference: $161,000.

At the Craft Faire: Library Folks Dolls with book bags and books.

A convention of Library Folks Dolls: 24 of them will be in attendance at the Christmas Craft Faire.