Rendition of new library

Rendition of new library
The New Point Roberts Library Out of the Old Julius Firehall

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pam's Tiny Art Show

You've got thirteen days to get together a tiny art masterpiece to enter into Auntie Pam's Tiny Art Exhibit and Auction on March 22, 7 pm.  It will benefit the new library and even if you don't make a piece, we hope you will come to the party she is throwing and think about bidding on a piece.  We had a lovely time last year, and bought several beautiful little pieces of our community members' work.  And she raised almost a thousand dollars for the library in the process.

Pam has done a lot to support the library fundraising and we want to thank her for her help.  And help her back.  We are working to get foundation money this year, but money from the community continues to help, especially when we factor in the inflation factor for the original building plans.  (Which we got a fairly firm number this week from the architect...about $50,000 extra, assuming we're ready to go by January 2015.)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The New Library Project

Below is the brief summary of our new library project that we use to give potential funders a quick look at what we are doing and have done.  In case you know anyone or any institution (friends with a family foundation? former employers? philanthropic friends or relatives?) that might be interested in helping us, feel free to forward this to them.

 Brief Description of Point Roberts Library Renovation Project:
  1. We propose to remodel a building owned by the Pt. Roberts Park and Recreation Commission to expand the library from a 900 sq. foot to a 2,500 sq. foot facility which will provide sufficient space to meet the expanded services (especially digital) that libraries must provide and that are especially needed in a community as isolated as is Point Roberts (see below for detail).
  2. We have a Feasibility Study and design prepared by Whatcom County Architect David King, who has worked extensively in library design in the County.
  3. We have a Memo of Understanding between the Friends of the Library, the Pt. Roberts Park and Recreation Commission, and the Whatcom County Library Services that specifies that the Friends group will raise $500,000, the Park and Recreation Commission will oversee the remodeling of their building, and the Whatcom County Library Services will provide appropriate staff, equipment, and services to operate the library, including payment of utilities.  This MOU--which extends for 3 more years--will be converted to a legal contract within the next year.
  4. Over the past two years, the Friends of the P.R. Library has raised $320,000 toward this goal.  We have done this entirely within the Community, and this year we are turning toward state government and private foundations in hopes that we will be able to obtain the remaining $180,000.
  5. The Feasibility Study and the Memo of Understanding, as well as our IRS 501c3 status determination, are all posted on our website,

[Context: Point Roberts is an exclave in Washington State.  A peninsula of less that 5 sq. miles, with a resident population of under 1,500, the community is too small for any kind of self-governing status. The Point is an isolated area of the U.S./Washington State attached to Canada.  In order to reach the mainland U.S. (as well as the County and State of which we are a part), residents here must drive approximately 40 miles and cross two borders.  Our isolation from the rest of the County and the rest of the State makes it difficult to gain support, e.g., from major businesses because we have none operating here other than indirectly.  We have no reliable cell phone signal and the current library provides the only community wi-fi service.  On the other hand, it is a remarkably beautiful place to live.]

For additional information, contact judy ross at

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2013 Year End Report

Thanks to Tor, Judson, and Kristen, we now have 8 books up; more to come!

Here is our 2013 Year End Summary of the New Library Fundraising Project (It will also be posted on our website:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

To Whom Do You Make Out a Check?

Because the Friends of the Point Roberts Library is now an independent 501c3 group and able to issue tax exemption certificates for donations, checks no longer need to be made out to the Whatcom Library Foundation.  Instead, you can just make them out to FOPRL/Friends of the P.R. Library, with 'building fund' on the memo line.  We'll be getting some new forms soon, but for the moment, you'll have to rely on your memory.  Or check this blog post!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Friends Get Their Charitable Status

This week, the Friends of the Point Roberts Library heard from the IRS that we had been approved for 501(c)(3) status, which means that we can now issue our own IRS tax exempt receipts.  We applied over a year ago, so it was a long time coming and we are very grateful to the Whatcom County Library Foundation for providing that charitable tax exempt status for us for the past two years.  Now we can do it ourselves!  A step forward.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Good Old Year

We don't have the final totals for the year because there are a few checks that we know are coming but that we don't have in our Treasurer's hand yet.  But, for the record, it is definitely over $300,000.  Thanks to all.  And a happy new year, to all, as well.  We'll get you the actual total as soon as we can, and we will let you know what else we're doing to get this library built within the next couple of weeks.

--Judy Ross, for the Friends of the P.R. Library

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Point in the Snow

This was taken a couple of days ago, but it's even more now.  The snow, by contrast, is even less....