Rendition of new library

Rendition of new library
The New Point Roberts Library Out of the Old Julius Firehall

Monday, July 16, 2012

Loving the Library

I love our library, and when I think that 5 other small rural communities in Whatcom County have only a bookmobile, I am especially grateful to the people of Point Roberts who figured out we really needed to have our own library back in the forties.

When I take our campaign for an improved library to the Saturday Market, it is clear that lots of other people love our library too.  And they appreciate the desire to improve it by getting the Julius Firehall renovated.  People often say, 'That's great that it will be right next door."  Of, "I really love the idea of sitting in the patio in the summer and reading."  Or, "So nice to have more space for the children's library."  And they usually ask, next, "What will go into the library space in the Community Center when you get the new library built?"  That's up to the Park and Recreation Board, but what I most frequently hear is a historical museum.  And that is from people other than the members of the Historical Society.

Pt. Roberts, one of the oddest places I've ever been to and certainly the oddest place I've ever lived:  where else can you have a border guard selling art prints, an elderly lady selling hand-made quilted bookmarks to support the library fund, and a grocery store checker selling Avon products and nice plants, all together at the Saturday Market while dozens of Canadians and Americans, children and dogs all roam around.  With the occasional bicycle riders zooming through the crowd?

Pt. Roberts has a complex and wonderful history as well as a complex and wonderful current story.  Getting our renovated library up and running is a important part of our current story, and everyone in the community can be a part of that story.

Pick up a donation card at the library!  And remember that all donations in July and August are doubled because we have a matching grant up to $20,000.

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