Rendition of new library

Rendition of new library
The New Point Roberts Library Out of the Old Julius Firehall

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Close Out

October saw our donation totals rise to $70,000.  And that does not count any of the money that will come as a result of the grocery receipt donations.  Those numbers are being tallied and we hope the total for October will be soon available, but a first look suggests it will be in the area of $2,000 for the New Library Fund.

We also have the totals for Sterling Bank's sponsorship of "Great Change" month.  The exact total of change that the Point Roberts community brought to the bank  (or the outlying sites) and that Jane, Victoria, Heather, Julie, and Sandy sorted and counted amounts to $2,912.69!  In addition, some bags of change arrived a bit after the end of the month and that is still being counted by the fundraising group.  Only yesterday, a couple who had been out of the country and had not managed to get their change collection to the bank beforehand, showed up at my door with 35 pounds of change, half filling a canvas grocery bag.  Counting that will take awhile, but we will add it to your overall achievements for this amazing collection.  The Final final total yet to come, but clearly well over $3,000.  If you still have change or want to continue contributing change, we'll keep counting it: you can leave it in the change jars at the library, the Chevron gas station, and Auntie Pam's Country Store.

On the day before the end of October, we are still short two $500 donors for the $5,000 match gift.  Not too late, yet.  But if we do not receive them, it will be a $4,000 match gift, I'm afraid.  Whatever happens, we all send out our thanks to the eight people/couples who contributed the matching $4,000.  It swells the coffers for this project and helps more and more people to realize that this fundraising job can be achieved, even though it is a lot of money and we are a very small town.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, who counted, who cared.  It takes a community to build a library, and we have that kind of community, it is clear.

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